Everyday, healthcare facilities are faced with challenges associated with effective fall management solutions.

If you are searching for a solution to help you reduce the risk of falls, a solution that is more proactive than reactive, improves patient safety, embraces infection control measures, is durable and from a respected & trusted supplier, we believe our sensor pad portfolio below will be of interest to you.

Wired STEALTH™ Intelligent Sensor Pads

Multi-Use Bed and Chair Sensor Pads

Disposable Bed and Chair Sensor Pads


Falls Alert & Monitor

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About Us

J Brasch Co, LLC., the SafePresence® brand and its products are natural continuations of our founder’s career. John Brasch, president, has founded four companies that pioneered five paradigm-changing technologies for hospitals and long-term elderly care over the last 30 years.

John has now shifted his focus to home care. This sector has been underserved by product innovators. Seniors, families and caregivers living at home need 21st century technology to help support a higher standard of care.

With improved communication and non-intrusive monitoring, we believe:

Seniors can continue living where they want for extended parts of their lives.
Care providers can provide better care without burning out.

John J. Brasch, Founder/President

Best known for founding the nation’s leading brands of patented Alzheimer’s safety products, John Brasch has an impressive record of innovative business, entrepreneurial and academic achievement.

He is the founder and former CEO of Senior Technologies and former CEO of the health care division of the Stanley Works. Brasch founded four ­­­­startup companies serving national and international patient care markets. He pioneered six new technologies including WanderGuard® for elderly safety and security.

The former associate vice chancellor of technology development at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Brasch  also founded the Nebraska Angels, an angel capital network.  He has been a board chairman of the Alzheimer’s Association of the Great Plains; executive director and president of Family Service Association of Lincoln; board president of the Health Care Manufacturers’ Marketing Council; and a member of the Board of Delegates of the American Health Care Association. Brasch holds master’s and doctoral degrees in business administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Rebecca Bodner, Vice President

Rebecca graduated from the University of Denver in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in English. Rebecca then went on to complete her professional degree in elementary education. After several years as a teacher, Rebecca founded Bodner Training, a computer software training business, and spent 12+ years traveling the country conducting custom insurance software training prior to joining Brasch Group.

Board of Advisors:

  • Benard Arroyo – Rewrote monitoring
  • Jerome Brasch – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Beatty Brasch – Serial builder of community leading NFP agencies
  • Greg Hurlbut, MD – Family practitioner
  • Jeffrey Lipkin, JD – Retired private equity principal
  • Dave Palm, PhD – Healthcare systems economist
  • Pedro Pereira – UK based healthcare industry executive
  • John Rood – Web developer and promotions specialist
  • Marcia Matthies – Stroke outreach coordinator
  • Jason Stevens – Care industry professional
  • Ted Algaier –  Vice President of Sales

Legal & Accounting:

  • Jack Heen – General counsel
  • John Dillow – Perkins Coie
  • Michael Eisenberg – Patent counsel
  • Robert Mitchell – Deloitte LLP

Special thanks to:

  • The Nebraska Department of Economic Development for providing seed prototype funding and export development grants.
  • Communications System Solutions for design and manufacturing expertise.
  • TurunUK, Ltd. for valued market intelligence.

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8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time
Phone: 402-476-2858
FAX: 402.476.2866

J. Brasch Co., LLC
1620 N. 20th Circle
Lincoln, Nebraska 68503