Safe-nTouch™ is a PERS 2.0* automated “check-in” system for people living alone. It checks when a user goes to bed, when a user gets up during the night, when a user returns to bed and when a user arises in the morning. During the day, the Safe-nTouch™ uses medication reminders and other customizable interactive queries as a “safety clock” to gain a user’s touch screen confirmation of being OK. Responses are received and processed at a central server.

If something seems amiss, an audible reminder is sent first to the user. If there continues to be an omission, a text alert is sent sequentially to a set of responders. A responder may be family member, care personnel, or a call center. The Safe-nTouch™ is passive, natural and intuitive. It does not require activation of a transmitter to reach a responder. The responder calls the user to check if help is needed.

The automated part of the system performs without an explicit call from a pendant or wrist transmitter which may not be utilized. A pendant transmitter feature will be added in May at no additional cost for users request it and subscribe before June 30, 2015.

PERS 2.0 is a new technology category focused on the underutilization of the classic PERS technology (“I’ve fallen and can’t get up”*) that originated more than 5o years ago. Classic PERS is not effective when it is not worn or carried, when a person is too nice to bother someone, when a person is unconscious and when there is a limiting cognitive function.


“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is a registered trademark of LifeAlert. SafePresence® and the Safe-nTouch™ are not affiliated with LifeAlert in any way.