Disposable Bed and Chair Sensor Pads

In Quantities of 1000 pieces or more.


Superb Infection Management


Cost Effective


Impressive Compatibility


High Quality Materials

Single-Use Infection Management Solutions

Protecting patients from risks associated with MRSA, C. Diff and other contagions is a top priority for hospitals and care facilities. To meet the concerns of health care professionals, SafePresence® 14-Day Disposable Sensor Pads are designed to be used with one patient.

Available for bed or chair use, these pads work in conjunction with a monitoring device to help indicate whether a patient is getting up and may be at risk of falling or wandering.

Improved Infection Management

  • Single patient use
  • Disposable after patient stay
  • Reduces the need for post-use maintenance or cleaning
  • Cost Effective

Our revolutionary STEALTH® pad works with our SafePresence® monitor and most existing fall monitors. Please call 402-476-2858 or click here:

Compatible with:

  • 4 pin or 6 pin monitors
  • 6 pin nurse call systems
  • Most fall monitors

High Quality Material that is:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Latex-free

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