Fall Alert & Monitor


Quick and Simple to Setup


Effective and Easy to Use


High Compatibility



Introducing the SafePresence® Fall Alert Monitor

Simplify staff training and improve your falls prevention program with an all-in-one easy-to-use fall monitor that combines the industry’s leading monitoring features. The SafePresence® Fall Alert & Monitor is an effective, easy-to-use device that allows you to monitor persons who are at risk of falling and/or require assistance with mobility.

The monitor uses a magnetic monitor cord attached to the device and person. If the person moves beyond the length of the monitor cord, the magnet disconnects from the magnet receptacle on the monitor and an alert will sound.

Other standard features of this next generation SafePresence® Fall Alert Monitor include monitoring support using bed or chair sensor pads, as well as the ability to pre-record a personalized voice alert.

Quick and Easy Setup:

  1. Install battery
  2. Set monitoring options
  3. Connect desired sensor – bed pad, floor pad, or magnetic cord
  4. Test thoroughly and begin monitoring

Effective and Easy to Use

  • Can be mounted on a bed frame or wheelchair
  • Magnetic cord allows for greater mobility
  • Optional AC power adaptor included

Our Falls Alert & Monitor works with most existing fall monitoring solutions.
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Compatibility With:

  • Most nurse call systems
  • Most bed/chair sensor pads
  • Most floor sensor pads

Highly Customizable:

  • Eight selectable alert tones
  • Silent alert option supported with many nurse call and paging systems
  • Pre-record messages to patients
  • Time Delay functionality to reduce false alerts caused by slight movement or restlessness when used with bed/chair pads

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