Smart Sensor Pad


Reduces Patient Risk


Saves Nurses Time & Money


Can Improve Nurse Satisfaction


Frees Up Nursing Time for Patient Care

The Answer to Better Fall Management is Hidden Under the Mattress or Chair Cushion!

When monitoring for fall risk, use an intelligent sensor pad that adjusts itself to work under the mattress or chair cushion. STEALTH® Sensor Pads provide your residents with better comfort and tissue integrity as well as improved infection risk management.

The STEALTH® Sensor Pad works with most traditional fall monitors.

When paired with our new SURE® Advisor, you’ll access a revolutionary fall-risk solution that works silently at the bedside to eliminate noise and improve compliance. The pad and system work together to collect actionable data for better patient care, eliminate patient anxiety created by loud alarms, increases comfort, lowers infection risk and improves tissue integrity.

Because the STEALTH® is under the mattress or cushion it is:

  • Out of the way of bodily functions
  • Does not degrade pressure relief function of mattress
  • More comfortable for patients than plastic device under the sheet.
  • Huge reduction in clean-ups & disinfection by nurses
  • Saves time! Does not need to be repositioned multiple times a day

Consistent with Past Practice:

  • Prorated 12 month Limited Service Life Policy, providing users with 12 months of use for their money
  • Compatible with most fall monitors & nurse call systems
  • Fully sealed, antibacterial, antimicrobial, latex free
  • Works on most beds, including alternating air mattresses

Our revolutionary STEALTH® pad works with our SafePresence® monitor and most existing fall monitors. Please call 402-476-2858 or click here:

Increased Productivity for Staff:

  • Reduces nurse calls from patients discomforted by above mattress pads
  • Requires less handling by nurses; reduces risk of breakage
  • Helps facilities reduce infection risk and meet infection control standards

Helps compliance with:

  • Infection control
  • Skin care & tissue viability
  • Resident comfort

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